Sunrelier remains committed to supplying only the highest quality products. Selection of the best quality raw materials combined with stringent manufacturing controls assures you of reliable products. The product quality of the company strictly complies with state standards and is based on the technical and quality standards of the company.



We owns production lines for high purity metals&alloy introduced from abroad and boasts advanced purification, smelting and shaping techniques.The purity of High purity metal is not less than 99.99%,few of product high reach to 7N. It specialized in purification, processing and business operation. The lead time is short while product life span is long. It has world leading technologies.



Sunrelier offers a variety of standard formulations, shapes and sizes. And, when you have the need, we adjust compositions, forms and quantities as necessary to meet your requirements. We listen to our customers and then put more than a century of accumulated know how into providing creative, cost efficient solutions for your most difficult metallurgical requirements.


Our Production equipment

(Vacuum induction melt furnaces, vacuum furnace for hot forming and first–class machining equipment)


Our Inspection instrument

(Mass spectrograph, metallographic analysis, tensile test)





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