Name :Sputtering target
Desciption :We offers a complete line of sputtering targets ranging from commercial grade to highest purity, zone refined Ultra-Pure grade. These materials can be fabricated to fit all commercially available systems or to specific dimensions required for you
Purity :3N~8N
Application.:Electronic semiconductor, Recording media, Graphic display, Glass coating, Solar battery

1. Metal Oxides   2.Metal
Silicon oxide SiO 4N Tungsten W 4N
Hafnium oxide Hf02 4N Silver Ag 5N
Zirconium oxide ZrO2 4N Nickel Ni 5N
Titanium oxide TiO2 4N Aluminium Al 5N
Silicon oxide SiO2 4N Chromium Cr 4N
Titanium monoxide TiO 3N Hafnium Hf 4N
Tungsten oxide WO2 3N Zinc Zn 5N
Cerium oxide CeO2 4N Tantalum Ta 4N
Titanium oxide Ti2O3 4N High pure Copper Cu 5N
Titanium oxide Ti2O5 4N High Gold Au 4N
Tantalum oxide Ta2O5 4N Molybdenum Mo 4N
Niobium oxide Nb2O5 4N Highly pure Titanium Ti 5N
Scandium oxide Sc2O3 4N Zirconium Zr 4N
Aluminium oxide Al2O2 4N Tin Sn 5N
Indium oxide In2O3 5N Silicon Si 5N
Magnesium oxide MgO 4N Iron Fe 4N
Gadolinium oxide Gd2O2 4N Cobalt Co 4N
Samarium oxide Sm2O3 4N Lead Pb 4N
Neodymium oxide Nd2O3 4N Platinum Pt 5N
Praseodymium oxide Pr6O11 4N Manganese Mn 3N
Zinc oxide ZnO 4N Germanium Ge 5N
Bismuth oxide Bi2O3 4N Niobium Nb 4N
Chromium oxide Cr2O3 4N Magnesium Mg 4N
Nickel oxide NiO 4N Tellurium Te 5N
Copper oxide CuO 4N Indium In 5N
Iron oxide Fe2O3 4N Gallium Ga 7N
Vanadium oxide V2O5 4N Arsenic As 7N5
Gallium oxide Ga2O3 4N      
3.Fluoride    4. Mixture
Ytterbium fluoride YbF3 4N Zirconium oxide Titanium oxide mixture ZrO2+TiO5 4N
Lanthanum fluoride LaF3 4N Zirconium oxide Tantalum oxide mixture ZrO2+Ta2O5  4N
Yttrium fluoride YF3 4N Titanium oxide Tantalum oxide mixture TiO2+Ta2O5  4N
Doped fluoride ErF3 4N Titanium oxide Niobium oxide mixture TiO2+Nb2O5  4N
Samarium fluoride  SmF3 4N Zirconium oxide Yttrium oxide mixture ZrO2+Y2O3  4N
Dysprosium fluoride  DyF3 4N Zirconium oxide Aluminium oxide mixture ZrO2+Al2O5  3N
Neodymium fluoride  NdF3 4N Aluminium oxide Titanium oxide mixture Al2O3+TiO2  3N
Cerium fluoride  CeF3 4N Aluminium oxide Magnesium oxide mixture Al2O3+MgO  3N
Magnesium fluoride  MgF2 4N Indium oxide Stannic oxide mixture In2O3+SnO2  4N
Barium fluoride  BaF2 4N Tin dioxide Platinum mixture SnO2+Pt    \
Strontium fluoride SrF3 4N Tin dioxide Palladium mixture SnO2+Pd  \
Calcium fluoride CaF2 4N Zinc oxide Aluminium oxide  mixture ZnO+Al2O3 3N
Potassium fluoride KF 4N Cerium fluoride Calcium fluoride mixture CeF3+CaF2  1:1 3N
Sodium fluoride NaF 4N      
5.Other compound   5.Other compound
Barium titanate BaTiO3 4N Aluminium nitride AlN 5N
Strontium titanate SrTiO3 4N Boron nitride BN 5N
Titanate Praseodymium PrTiO3 4N Boron carbide B4C 5N
Titanate lanthanum LaTiO3 4N Zirconium carbide ZrC 5N
Zinc sulfide ZnS 4N Silicon carbide SiC 5N
Cadmium sulfide CdS 5N Titanium boron TiB2 5N
Silicon Nitride Si3N4 5N zirconium boron ZrO2 5N
Titanium nitride TiN 5N      
*Vaporation Materials you need are available from us,such as Oxide,Fluoride, Metals,Mixture and other RE compound.

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